The Beth El Team



Laura Day

Laura Day is the co-lead teacher for Toddler Time TTh. Laura, who has a masters degree in Speech Therapy, loves helping toddlers learn to speak, sing, dance and interact with one another. This is her first year teaching at Beth El Preschool. Prior to taking an official position as the Toddler Time teacher, Laura was a much-beloved substitute teacher and summer counselor. Laura has also worked as a speech therapist in the Chapel Hill Schools.  In her spare time, Laura volunteers at a local homeless shelter and enjoys travelling with her family.


Rebecca Bosworth

Rebecca Bosworth is co-lead teacher for Toddler Time MWF. She loves helping toddlers learn to express themselves, develop confidence and form social relationships. Rebecca has a Masters Degree in Counselor Education and Family Therapy and recently completed the year-long EChO Pyramid Teaching Seminar. Rebecca, who has been at Beth El Preschool for 10 years, also teaches religious school at Judea Reform Congregation. Her sons Benjamin (14) and Joshua (9) both attended Beth El Preschool. Rebecca’s hobbies include exercise, cooking, baking, and spending time with her family.


Melissa Eimer

Melissa Eimer is co-lead teacher of the PreK Class. This is her seventh year teaching at Beth El Preschool.  Melissa, who has a Special Education Teacher Certification, loves supporting the academic, social and emotional growth of young children. Before moving to Durham, Melissa worked as an inclusion specialist in the New Jersey school system.  In her spare time, Melissa enjoys being outside with her husband and children and exploring the many wonderful parks and places of Durham.  Melissa’s two children Nathan (13) and Julie (11) both attended Beth El Preschool.

Allison Eisner

Allison Eisner is co-lead teacher of the Early Preschool class. In recent years Allison has worked in PreK classrooms and daycares as a research assistant for the Center for Child and Family Policy at Duke University. She has also been a much-beloved Beth El Preschool substitute and camp teacher. In her spare time Allison enjoys exercise, reading and spending time with her family. Allison has two children Liana (15) and Jake (13) who both attended Beth El Preschool. 


Lorri Gudeman

Lorri Gudeman is the Director of Beth El Preschool. Lorri has been the director since 2007. She also served as lead teacher/director of Beth El Preschool from 1998-2001. In the interim between her jobs as a preschool teacher and director, Lorri practiced law in Durham and served as Program Director at Judea Reform Congregation. Lorri is a graduate of Harvard University and Duke University’s School of Law. She has an Early Childhood Education credential and many courses in Early Childhood Administration. Lorri’s children Sara (26) and Azriel (14) both attended Beth El Preschool.


Jill Hennen

Jill Hennen, our most senior teacher, is co-lead teacher in the PreK class. This is Jill’s twentieth year at Beth El.  Before discovering how much she enjoyed working with children, Jill was a staff development coordinator in management and banking. Jill has an Early Childhood credential and particularly enjoys helping children develop their creativity, social skills, and their appreciation for nature. Both of her children, Jessica (23) and Joshua (21), attended Beth El Preschool. In her spare time Jill enjoys gardening and working with clay.


Laura Grant

Laura Grant is co-lead teacher of Toddler Time TTh. Laura, who has a master’s degree in Early Childhood Education, has taught yoga, mindfulness and creative movement to young children in a number of school and studio settings throughout NYC. She has longstanding professional interest in how movement and mindfulness can enhance mental health. Laura received her masters from Banks Street College of Education, NY and has recently moved to Durham. Laura is excited to be part of the staff of Beth El Preschool.


Erika Lipkin

Erika Lipkin is our bookkeeper. Erika is a licensed CPA with a BA in Business Administration from UNC-CH and a Masters in Accounting from CUNY Baruch. Prior to the birth of her children, Erika worked full-time as a software deployment consultant and CPA. In addition to accounting, Erika enjoys volunteering, cooking, jogging and exercise classes. Her children Jenna (9) and Jack (5) both attended Beth El Preschool.


Beth El is a wonderful, nurturing environment. The teachers are dedicated, caring, and engaged. There seems to be a nice balance of structure and freedom. It's been amazing to see our child grow and blossom! --2015 Parent